Rules & Regulations Related to Exam.

Code Of Conduct

1. Admit card / Identity Card is compulsory to enter into the examination.

2. Mobile phones / books / bags are not allowed in the examination hall.

3. Possession of mobile phones during an examination will be treated as unfair

4. Strictly follow the seating

5. Take the respective seat before 10 minutes of the examination

6. Gossiping / talking will not be allowed in the examination hall. In case of repeated act, student will be expelled from the examination.

7. Students found cheating in the examination hall, will be reported to the Examination Department and may be expelled.

8. Student’s misbehavior with faculty members / supervisors will be reported to Examination Department and strict action may be taken.

9. Do not write anything on tables and question paper.

10. Temporary absence from examination hall will not be allowed. In case of emergency conditions, students can leave examination hall after submission of their answer book.

11. Candidates should not harm/destroy any college assets after entering into campus.

12. Don't Spit anywhere in college campus.

12. Use of tobacco products are not allowed in college campus .

Hierarchy Must Be Followed By the Students.

Step 1. Admission.

Step 2. RU Registration.

Step 3. Minimum 75% Attendance Required.

Step 4. Appear & Successfully Completed Mid Sem Exam.

Step 5. Fill End Sem Exam Form.

Step 6. Appear in the Exam.