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Welcome To Gossner College

The College was established on 1st of November 1971 by our founder Principal Rt. Reverend Dr. Nirmal Minz. Gossner College is a minority institution, affiliated to Ranchi University, Ranchi. It is managed by Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church (GELC) of Chotanagpur and Assam.

History of Gossner College in the words of Dr. Nirmal Minz (Founder Principal):

The Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church had a definite plan to establish a Liberal Arts and Science college. Due to many difficulties it was not possible to do so till 1971. In the month of May-June 1971 few Chotanagpuri M.As. approached me and put a challenge to me, if we could not start a college. I did encourage them to meet and discuss further. The idea went around and it began to gather momentum. Some Chotanagpuri professors at Ranchi showed their support and interest in promoting this idea. Then we approached the authorities and responsible members of G.E.L. church. Meetings began to take place and formal discussions continued with the Gossner Church members and authorities . Finally an adhoc committee was formed to take the matter further with Rev. Dr. N. Minz as the convener of the committee. The formal decision to start Arts and Commerce classes in the premises of Gossner Theological College was taken on 10 October 1971. On that day a free will contribution was taken and the amount came to be Rs. 53/-. This was the capital with which we started to build up the Gossner College from 1 November 1971.

The adhoc G.B. decided to inaugurate the college on 14 November 1971. Sri. Bhola Paswan Shastri, the then Chief Minister of Bihar inaugurated the college with the encouraging message to move forward to build up an ideal college for the good of the weaker section of society. The small amount of money as capital did not frighten us as we knew that the people of Gossner Church and friends were with us to encourage and support if we went ahead with courage and confidence.

The K.S.S. of the Gossner Church alloted the Raja Bungalow compound along the Club Road for Gossner College campus. The Gossner Church through Rev. C. B. Minz, the then Pramukh Adhyaksha supported this plan, and the general public of Ranchi gave the signal to stand by us in times of need. Therefore, the adhoc G.B. took bold steps to appoint the following lecturers in Arts and Commerce and the classes began with right earnest after the date of inauguration:

1. Rev. Dr. N. Minz (Principal)

2. Mrs. S. Topno - Hindi

3. Mr. S. Dandapat - Political Science

4. Mr. S. B. Mahto - Economics

5. Mr. N. N. Thakur - Philosophy

6. Miss Siyon Kujur - Anthropology

7. Miss Manjula Minz - English

8. Mr. B. M. Baraik - Commerce

9. Mr. I. Kujur - Geography

10. Rev. M. Tete - History

11. Mr. E. Lakra - Psychology

The first student who took the courage to enroll her in the first year of Arts class is Mrs. Ivy Tirkey, wife of Mr. B. F. Tirkey. The total student strength in 1971-72 academic year was 26, including Arts and Commerce. For the whole year we struggled hard and kept our spirit high. The work of faith and courage bore much fruit in the following year.

The College was affiliated to Ranchi University from 8 August 1972. This gave another boost to the life and work of the college. From then on the strength of the students went on increasing. The first batch appeared at Intermediate Examination of Ranchi University and we secured over 57 P.C. result. The Governing Body was reconstituted according to the statutes of the University. The head of Gossner College became the Chairman of the G. B. ex-officio and the other ten members represented various bodies and interests in the G.E.L. Church and community.

The Gossner College is the first institution of higher learning which took up the responsibility of promoting Chotanagpuri languages and literatures. Kurukh, Mundari and Nagpuri language began to be taught as M.I.L. subjects at the Intermediate courses from 1972. The department of Chotanagpuri Languages and Literatures was inaugurated by His Excellency Sri R. D. Bhandare, the Governor of Bihar on 16 August 1973. This event helped create a good impression upon the people around us. Therefore, 1973-74 academic years gave us great encouragement and inner strength. The second batch of examinees appeared at the Intermediate Examination of Ranchi University from our College and displayed good result. One was placed in First Division and we secured again 56.50 P.C. result. So we began to grow from strength to strength both, academically and in number.


Gossner College was established with the vision of preparing a spiritually sound community of educated, upright and empowered citizens, especially from amongst the tribal communities, by providing quality higher education in the heartland of Jharkhand.


We, at Gossner College, aim to provide the vista of university education to the deserving students coming from socially, economically backward and underprivileged communities of this region, particularly the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and other Backward Communities. Preference is given to students from these communities. However, since the college is situated in the heart of Ranchi (Jharkhand, India), students of other communities and regions may also apply.

Motto (Arise and Uplift):

Our motto embodies the essence of self-belief and the spirit of community, encouraging individuals to support and uplift one another in their journey towards growth and success. It stands as a powerful mantra, reminding us that no matter how daunting the circumstances may be, we have the strength within us to rise above and create a brighter future.


The objective of the college is to provide students with a well-rounded education. It seeks to nurture not only their intellectual growth but also their spiritual and moral development. The college aims to create a supportive and inclusive community that fosters faith, love, and compassion among its students, faculty, and staff. It encourages critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and a commitment to serving others. By integrating faith and learning,college seeks to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to lead purposeful lives and make a positive impact on society.