Women Grievance Cell

The College strongly believes in gender equality and gender justice in all its interventions and practices. Keeping these principles in view, it is important to ensure that our organizational climate is free from discrimination and harassment with a particular focus on gender bias. For this Women Grievance Cell is established in our college. The cell is responsible for pursuance of any complaints or grievances filed by women students and staff of our college.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:-

• In order to keep up the working atmosphere among the lady staff and students of the college in a healthy manner.

• To enlighten the women students about their legal rights and to strive towards the empowerment of the women through the promotion of gender equality and programmes concerning women welfare.

• To uphold the dignity of the college by ensuring free atmosphere in the college by promoting cordial student to student relationship, student to teacher relationship and staff to staff relations.

• To redress the balance between men and women.

• To increase both the quantity and quality of women in higher education.

• To develop for women a range of training strategies and materials that will be replicable or may be adapted for use in the institution.

• To develop gender management system in the institution.

• To continue the training program for women with assistance for embedding these in the institution.

• To initiate gender sensitization for women and to develop courses and course materials that may be accessed through staff development programs.

• To develop programs for women in Higher Education with a long-term objective of enhancing the role of women in higher education.

• To create an effective organizational structure for improving the status of women in the institution.

This cell will help women staff, students and parents to record their complaints and resolve their common problems and personal grievances. The college is committed in providing a wonderful, congenial, and safe environment for the female staff and it is our responsibility too in maintaining the same.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Dr. Eva Margret Hansdak (HOD, Dept. of English)

2. Dr. Jyoti Toppo (HOD, Dept. of Sanskrit)

3. Dr. Meena Tirkey (Assistant Professor, Dept of Anthropology)

4. Dr. Mridula Khess (Assistant Professor, Dept of Botany)

5. Prof. Bindu Soreng (Assistant Professor, Dept of Political Science)

6. Dr. Varsha Shalini Kullu (Assistant Professor, Dept of Hindi)

7. Prof. Pullin Ketketta (Assistant Professor, Dept of Zoology)

8. Dr. Anita Ranjan (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology)

9. Prof. Akanksha Tigga (Assistant Professor, Dept of Commerce)

10. Prof. Alisha Samad (Assistant Professor, Dept of Commerce)