Research and Development Committee

The objective of forming a Research and Development Committee in the college is to foster and promote a culture of research and innovation within the institution. Research and Development Committee plays a crucial role in advancing the academic and research pursuits of a college by providing guidance, support, and resources to faculty and students engaged in research activities. Some of the primary objectives of establishing a Research and Development Committee in a college includes:-

The main objectives of forming this committee are:-

• Encouraging research culture.

• Facilitating research funding.

• Organizing research events and conferences.

• Facilitating research ethics and integrity.

• Publishing and disseminating research.

• Encouraging student involvement.

• Contributing to societal development.

In a nutshell, the formation of a Research and Development Committee in a college is a proactive step to promote research and innovation, enrich the academic environment, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and societal development.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Dr. Sumanta Kumar Sengupta (Convenor)

2. Dr. Anitha Ranjan (Member)

3. Dr. Nasir Ahmed (Member)

4. Dr. Prashant Gaurav (Member)

5. Dr. Haradhan Koiri (Member)

6. Dr. Nidhi Singh (Member)

7. Dr. Gautam Ecka (Member)

8. Dr. Subrato Kumar Sinha (Member)

9. Dr. Supriti Jana (Member)

10. Dr. Sumant Kumar (Member)

11. Dr. Ajay Kumar (Member)