Examination Department Committee

Examination is the process through which the performance of students can be evaluated and improved. With quality objectives of improving the result of internal examination and university examination, our college has an independent examination department.This department monitors internal examinations, conducted by the college throughout the academic year. Results of these examinations are being displayed on notice board and college website as well.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:-

• To conduct all the Examinations of the College efficiently and ethically on scheduled time.

• To publish the results within the stipulated time after completion of the examination.

• To put the examination and student related information on college website to avoid any trouble and difficulty to the students.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Principal

2. Dr. C.A. Pramod Tirkey (Controller of Examination)

3. Dr. Amresh Chandra Mishra (Assistant Controller – Faculty of Sc.)

4. Dr. Subrato Kumar Sinha (Assistant Controller – Faculty of Arts)

5. Dr. Nasir Ahmed (Assistant Controller – Faculty of Commerce)