Equal Opportunity Committee

The Equal Opportunity Cell: SAMAAN which means ‘equal’. It was formed in order to create a fair, unbiased and equitable study environment for the students. The EOC Cell- Samaan organizes various events in collaboration with the other committees and cells in college in order to fulfil its vision and achieve its objectives in an efficient manner. It's goals are to ensure diversity in the student, faculty, and staff communities and to end all forms of prejudice among all parties involved in running the college.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:-

• To create an ambience of equal opportunity by understanding the needs and wants of the student body.

• To help the individual or a group of students belonging to the disadvantaged section of society for solving the problems related to discrimination.

• To prepare the barrier free formalities/procedures for admission/registration of students belonging to the disadvantaged group of society.

• The committee shall meet at least once in a semester to review the activities of the cell and solve the problems if any.

• To engage the students in outreach activities in order to sensitise them towards the downtrodden.

The aim of this cell is to instil in the students a free spirit and unbiased nature towards treatment of fellow-beings in order to build an environment of equality and equity that co-exist together in harmony. To achieve all these goals, the Equal Opportunity Cell conducts seminars, workshops, guest lectures, activities, and awareness programmes from time to time on issues of contemporary significance and importance.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Prof. Amardeep Topno (TR)

2. Dr. Jaipal Kachhap (Arts – Faculty Incharge)

3. Prof. Shyamlesh Kumar (Commerce – Faculty Incharge)

4. Dr. Rajeev Asthana (Science – Faculty Incharge)

5. Dr. Ajay Kumar (Co-Ordinator, IQAC)

6. All HOD’s