Disciplinary Committee

The college Disciplinary Committee is constituted for the maintenance of discipline in the college. The committee ensures that students abide and maintain order and peace in the college as they continue pursuing academic aims and targets.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:-

• To ensure calm and peaceful academic atmosphere in the campus.

• To avoid physical confrontation among students.

• To initiate model actions against students involved in indiscipilinary activities.

• To initiate steps to reduce violence, confrontation in future among students.

• To conduct enquiries on report of indiscipilinary activities among students.

The Committee led by the principal and senior faculty members work towards organizational goals to maintain discipline at the campus through an optimistic approachand creating an amicable learning environment. The committee members were satisfiedwith the endeavours taken so far to accomplish the objectives and chose to put in more efforts to keep up discipline in campus for the following year.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Dr. Jaipal Kachhap (Faculty in-charge -Arts)

2. Prof. Shyamlesh Kumar (Faculty in-charge - Commerce)

3. Dr. Rajeev Asthana (Faculty in-charge - Science)

4. Dr. Pradip Kumar Gupta (Staff Secretary)

5. Dr. Amardeep Kumar Topno (Staff Teachers Representative).

6. All HOD’s

7. Dr. Ajay Kumar (Co-Ordinator – IQAC)

8. Dr. Mridula Khess

9. Dr. Balbir Kerketta

10. Prof. Varsha Shalini Kullu

11. Dr. Divya Ratan Kongari

12. Dr. Dullar Yotam Kullu

13. Dr. Nasir Ahmed

14. Prof. Aditya Kumar

15. Dr. Subrato Kumar Sinha

16. Dr. Anita Ranjan

17. Prof. Akancha Tigga

118. Prof . Alisha Samad

19. Prof. Amos Prashant Topno

20. Dr. Abhishek Topno