Department of Psychology

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Gossner College is one of the premier institutions which was conceived with the primary objective of imparting quality education to Tribal Christian young men and women as well as socially, economically backward and underprivileged and privileged communities of this region, namely the Scheduled Tribes, the Scheduled Castes and other backward classes an opportunity of higher education in a Christian atmosphere. It is one of the premier centres of higher education in the state of Jharkhand. It provides Intermediate, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Learning Programmes in science, commerce and arts.

Department of Psychology of Gossner College, Ranchi was established in 1971 alongwith the other departments of Arts faculty by Dr. Nirmal Minz. The very first Head of this department was Mr. Emmanuel Lakra and he has also served as the Vice-principal of this college. Dr. J. Toppo and Dr. J. Biswas then subsequently held the charge as the Head of this department. After the immature death of Dr. J. Biswas, Dr. S. N. Kesri was appointed as the Head of this department and served from 2013-2019. During his charge, two (2) students from this department topped the University level examination in bachelor's degree. Thereafter Dr. Gyanti Prasad was appointed as the Head and during her period one (01) student from this department topped the University level examination in bachelor's degree.

At present, this department is functioning effectively with efficient, dedicated, committed, teachers who are net qualified, Ph. D. holders and are equipped with professional as well as technical expertise as they share good rapport with the students to fulfil their Counselling and Clinical requisites.

At present Miss Priyanka Soren who is serving as the Head and she also holds a degree in MPhil. in Clinical Psychology along-with two other facilities, Dr. Annita Ranjan and Miss Nilam Tiru who also holds a degree in MPhil. in Clinical Psychology and a lab boy, Mr. Ratan Topno. This department has fully equipped separate laboratory where all the required testing material and tools are available for the practical purpose. Regular classes are conducted along-with workshop and seminars. Students are also taken to RINPAS and CIP, in Kanke, Ranchi for field visit.

As per the direction of UGC, the college has adopted the New Education Policy-2020 and implemented in the college in the year 2022, where students are nurtured to become a global citizen by following the interdisciplinary paradigm. The college is also technically equipped with facilities for smart classroom. The focus of the faculties is to inculcate innovative mode of learning-teaching process as well as engaging them in more and more practical activities in order to prepare them into better professional in their later life. Our endeavour is also to imbibe in them the competitive spirits to face the challenges beyond the boundaries of college.