Department of Political Science

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Welcome to the Political Science Department at Gossner College! Our department is committed to fostering critical thinking, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of political systems and theories. We aim to equip our students with the knowledge and tools necessary to become informed and engaged citizens, future leaders, and successful professionals in various fields.

This department was established in 1971 under the Headship of Dr. S.R. Dandpath. Later the successive Head of the Department Dr. B. Horo and Dr. R. Tirkey further flourished this department to greater heights. Presently it is being headed by Prof. V.J John and the other faculties are Mrs.Dr.B. Soreng and Mrs. D. Minz.

Mission :-The mission of the Political Science Department is to provide high-quality education and research opportunities in political science.

Educate: Cultivate a comprehensive understanding of political systems, theories, and institutions to empower students to become active participants in civic life.

Engage: Encourage students to engage in critical analysis and open dialogue about political issues, policy challenges, and global affairs.

Research: Foster a research-oriented environment that contributes to the advancement of political science knowledge.

Empower: Equip students with the skills and knowledge to make well-informed decisions and excel in their careers.

Career Opportunities:-

Our graduates find success in various fields, including Government services, non-governmental organizations, international relations, law, academia, journalism, and public administration. The department's career guidance and support help students to explore potential career paths and secure valuable work experiences.


The achievements of our alumni speak volumes about the quality of education and training they receive in our Political Science Department. Our graduates have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields, including Government services, academia, law, journalism, international relations, and public policy. Many of our alumni have held prominent positions in Government agencies and have become respected scholars and researchers. Since last 3 years all our students are securing First- class result in the examinations. From the year 2017 Post Graduation courses was started in out Department.

In the session 2020-22, one of our student was awarded Gold Medal in Post Graduation for being the University Topper.