Department of Botany

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In Gossner College, Ranchi the Department of Botany established in the year of 1975 . With the rapid advances in the field of plant science, it was felt necessary to extend it from Intermediate to Degree Level into full-fledged Department. The Department of Botany started in the Gossner Theological College building . Professor Dr. Roxana Toppo was appointed the first Head of the department. Since then the Department has developed at a fast rate to its present state with a view to meeting the growing demand of students belonging from socio economically poor background to enrich knowledge in the fields of classical as well as applied Botany. Many changes have taken place over the last four decades. The academic staff members who served were Mr.Surendra kumar(1978), Dr. J.P Sinha(1979), Dr. Neeraja Ojha(1989), Dr. Mridula Khees(2003) ,Prof. Rashmi Kiroom Topno , Dr. Shashi Suman Tirkey(2023) . At Present Two Faculty members Dr. Mridula Khees, Dr. Shashi Suman Tirkey are Teaching under the headship of Dr. Mridula Khees.The Department gratefully acknowledges the excellent contributions of its past academic staff members. Two non-academic members, including a Store keeper Mr. Junil Aind and one Didi Mrs. Shanta Dayamani Soreng have been deployed to provide important support to the Students and Teachers. The present enrolment of students in undergraduate and postgraduate classes is over 100.

The Botany Department has 03 laboratories located in the second floor of eastern block in Science Building . The Department offers good teaching facilities. At present, its major facilities including Books, Specimens, Herborium , Slides, Model, Chart, Microscope, Lab equipment and projector are available for the students.

With due aims at keeping the students abreast of advances in botenical sciences, the department offers both undergraduate (B.Sc. Honours) and postgraduate (M.Sc.) programmes. The undergraduates are enrolled for a 4-year programme under NEP-2020 curriculam. The B. Sc. Honours course covers the traditional as well as modern aspects of Botany. These include: Lower Plant and Higher plant comparative anatomy & evolutionary trends; cytology, histology & cytogenetics; genetics, plant breeding & developmental biology; evolution; ethinobotany; ecology; ethology; botenical garden; environmental and health biology; molecular biology; genetic engineering & biotechnology; systematics & biodiversity; economic Botany; Plant physiology & taxonomy, research methodology & information technology; microbiology.

Candidates securing B.Sc. Honours Degree with 75% and above marks in Botany can enroll themselves for a one-year M.Sc. programme.