Department of Biotechnology

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Biotechnology is a interdisciplinary technology that utilizes biological systems, living organism or parts of these to develop or to create different products. It is the “application of the principles of engineering and biological science to create new products from raw materials of biological origin, such as vaccines”.

The department of Biotechnology at Gossner College Ranchi was started in year 2009. The three year undergraduate degree B.Sc (Hons.) program divided into six semesters (CBCS syllabus). It provides depth understanding of biomolecules and cellular processes as well as information on the different technologies used to study them. It offered a unique combination of biology and technology.

VISION : Providing graduates equipped with excellent theoretical knowledge and practical skills as well as leading students to higher learning in biological and applied science so that they can contribute to society’s welfare.

MISSIONS: Support students by creating infrastructure and opportunities through laboratory courses, projects, dissertations and industrial visits so that they will be prepared for jobs in the vitally important and rapidly growing biotechnology sector.

ELIGIBILITY: Candidates having secured an aggregate of 50% in science (Biology) from JAC/ICSE/CBSE or any other recognized board are eligible.


The biotechnology degree teaches students practical and theoretical understanding in fields such as Microbiology, Molecular biology, Genetics, Bioanalytical tools and Techniques, Bioinformatics and so on. Biotechnology employment scopes includes a wide range of work roles in both the private and public sectors, including lab technicians, Scientist, Microbiologist, Biochemist, Business development manager, Professors etc.

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