Cultural Committee

The college believes in all round development of student’s personality as a goal of education. It aims to provide rich cultural experiences so that student appreciates the multi-cultural diversity of the society. The Committee line up to inculcate and imbibe in the students the concept of Unity in Diversity and enable them to develop the organizational skills. It strives to become a committee that can give a platform to the students to showcase their creative acumen while giving importance to the rich cultural heritage of the country.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:

• To provide a platform for the students to go beyond their academics.

• To enable students to exhibit the skills to organize an event.

• To develop a holistic and humanitarian attitude as members of the world community in this era of globalization and modernization by learning aspects of Indian as well as western cultures.

• To encourage the students to take active participation in various activities.

• To promote team spirit among the student’s community.

• To enable students, to show their skills, in dance, music, vocal music/ songs/ mimicry/ drama/ rangoli/ fashion/ etc.

• To throw various entertainment programmes by Management for students such as Music Programme/ Yoga/ Traditional on Gala scale etc.

The committee is formed in the college for the smooth and efficient management of all cultural activities in the campus. It also gives the opportunity to the students/ faculty to grow and develop in their extracurricular activities. Committee provides enough exposures for the students to relax and enjoy their college life amidst rigorous academics.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Dr, Eva Margaret Hansdak

2. Prof . Mahima Golden Bilung

3. Prof. Bela Purty

4. Dr. Supriti Jana

5. Prof. Sachin Topno

6. Prof. Tripti Manisha Tete

7. Prof. Dinesh Prasad

8. Prof. Abhishek Topno

9. Dr. Hemant Toppo

10. Prof. Meena Surin

11. Prof. Dhrupad Chowdhury