Alumni Committee of the college functions to strengthen the bond between the institute and its alumni. Strong Alumni base is one of the formidable strengths for any elite institute. Thereby, committee acts as a platform where the existing students and the alumni can interact for a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship.

Some of the primary aim to set up Alumni Committee in a college includes:

• To bring the College alumni under one forum for exchange of experience, dissemination of knowledge and talents amongst its members and also for the furtherance of fellowship, advancement of knowledge in general.

• To keep a roster of all Alumni of college and their pertinent data.

• Maintaining the updated and current information of all Alumni.

• To encourage, foster and promote close relations among the alumni themselves.

• To promote a sustained sense of belonging to the Alma Mater among the Alumni by being in regular contact with them.

• To provide and disseminate information regarding their Alma Mater, its graduates, faculties, and students to the Alumni.

• To provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day by organising and coordinating reunion activities of the Alumni.

• To let the alumni acknowledge their gratitude to their Alma Mater.

The committee shall make efforts to motivate, strengthen and foster the professional relationship among the present and the past alumni and thus enhance the growth and developments of Alma Mater

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Dr. Shadan Kumar Murmu

2. Dr. Amardeep Topno

3. Prof. Praween Surin

4. Dr. Subrato Kumar Sinha

5. Dr. Hemant Kumar Toppo

6. Dr. Mridula Khess

7. Dr. Ajay Kumar