Admission Committee

The Admission Process is a matter of significance as it is vital to the reputation of the college. Selecting the right students and giving equal opportunities to all without any discrimination are the two main objectives of this committee. The College has formed separate committee at the end of every academic year to look after the admission . The Committee guides and counsels the students to choose the right course of study.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:-

• This committee establishes and implements the criteria for admission or enrolment of the students to the college for all the courses according to the University and College Council regulations.

• The Committee will lays down the detailed procedure to be followed for admission and ensures the same has been implemented / followed.

• The Committee will identify and approves for admission suitable qualified candidates and displays the merit list as per schedule predetermined by the University and college council.

• Analyse the changes required in the admission policies.

• To protect the students from the people who are engaged in misguiding the students in the admission process in addition to the prescribed fees like demanding donations, brieves etc.

• The prime motto of this committee is to protect the students from harmful acts and ensure safe learning environment.

The Admission Committee works to carry out the admissions process in a manner that is equitable, efficient, and timely. It aims to be cognizant of enhancing the pool of qualified students of diverse backgrounds. The committee also aims to identify and select the most qualified applicants in the total applicant pool and continually monitor college admissions policy and procedures to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and equity. The committee works towards making the admission process simple, student friendly, time bound and free from any errors and flaws.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Principal

2. Faculty in-charge

3. HOD,s

4. Admission in-charge