Academic Planning and Development Committee

The committee aims is to stimulate the Academic Environment towards Quality teaching, learning and evaluate in the institution. The committee has been formed to chalk out the future plans for the development and progress of the college, and to evaluate the performances of the college in general.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:-

• Monitor, review and make recommendations on all academic matters for consistency with the Institute’s mission and strategies.

• Frame the necessary academic structure so as to achieve the objectives of the college and supervise the day to day administration of the college.

• Facilitate the events such as faculty and student induction programmes, faculty development programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences symposium, and cultural activities.

• To formulate master plan for campus development, facilitating implementation of the provision of the perspective plan.

• To promote research and extension activities and plan for resource mobilization through consultancy and extramural funding.

• To plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and accreditation of the college.

The committee shall make efforts to plan teaching activities in the college, academic calendar, time table, educational facilities and take initiatives for new program through annual planning. The mission of this committee is to provide high quality education and contributes to the development of college.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Principal

2. Bursar

3. Controller of Examinations

4. Dr. Jaipal Kachhap (Faculty in-charge - Arts)

5. Prof. Shyamlesh Kumar (Faculty in-charge - Commerce)

6. Dr. Rajeev Asthana (Faculty in-charge - Science)

7. Dr. Pradip Kumar Gupta (Staff Secretary)

8. Dr. Amardeep Kumar Topno (Staff Teachers Representative).

9. All HOD’s

10. Dr. Ajay Kumar (Co-Ordinator – IQAC)