The purpose of the Academic Audit Committee in a college is to evaluate the performance of the various departments and appreciate their achievements and give suggestions for further improvement of the quality of teaching, research, administration, and curricular and extra- curricular activities.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:-

• To monitor the academic performances of the staff members by going through their lesson plans and logbooks.

• To organize periodical meetings to assess the effectiveness of teaching and discuss about the improvements to be made in the curricular and co-curricular aspects.

• The main objective of the Academic Audit Committee is to ensure, strengthen and sustain academic standards in our college through college inspections and verification of records.

• To promote self-reflection and self- improvement among all departments being audited.

• To conduct quality checks on different activities undertaken in all departments meet expected outcomes.

• To promote adoption of best practices.

• To encourage departments or programs to evaluate their education quality processes.

The aim of an Academic Audit Committee is to encourage programs, departments, and the institution to evaluate their quality processes and standards based on predetermined benchmarks. It suggests activities required for the overall development of the departments and the college as well.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Prof. CSP Lugun (G.B. Secretory)

2. Prof. Elani Purty (Prof. in-Charge)

3. Prof. Asha Rani Kerketa (Bursar)

4. Prof. Parween Surin (Bursar)

5. Dr. Ajay Kumar (Co-ordinator, IQAC)

6. External Members