Result Committee

The Result Processing committee is in charge of planning and implementing different academic activities. The committee analyses the results of semester examination and support students with lower marks by devising remedial classes.

The main objectives of forming this committee are:

• Result Declaration: Coordinating with the Result Processing Cell to ensure timely and accurate result declaration after the completion of the examination process.

• Result Compilation: The primary objective of the Result Processing Cell is to compile the examination results accurately from the answer sheets and input them into the result database.

• Result Verification: Verifying the result data to ensure that all marks are accurately recorded, and any errors or discrepancies are identified and rectified before the final result declaration.

• Grading and Marking System: Applying the appropriate grading or marking system as per the institution’s guidelines to convert raw marks into final grades or scores.

• Result Publication: Ensuring that the results are published in a timely manner, using appropriate channels such as the institution’s website, notice boards, or student portals.

• Result Analysis: Conducting a detailed analysis of the examination results to identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement for the students and the institution.

• Result Queries: Handling and resolving student queries and grievances related to the published results, including revaluation requests.

• Record Maintenance: Maintaining records of all examination results securely and ensuring they are easily accessible for future reference.

The committee shall make efforts to help the smooth conduct of exams in college, to maintain and keep all records related to examination and result.

Nominated Committee Members:

1. Prof. Manisha Tete

2. Prof. Dhrupad Chowdhury

3. Dr. Deepak Sharma

4. Dr. Abhishek Topno

5. Dr. Shumant Kumar