1. Prof. Elani Purty – (Professor Incharge)
  2. Dr. Asha Rani Kerketta
  3. Dr. Ajay Kumar (Coordinator)
  4. Prof. Sushma Kerketta
  5. Prof. Sheet Nihal Topno
  6. Dr. Pradeep K. Gupta
  7. Prof. Arvind K. Lal
  8. Dr. Bindu. B. Baskey
  9. Prof. Dimple Diana Minz
  10. Dr. Neerja Ojha

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The college established internal quality assurance in 2017 for the betterment of the education environment in the college . Since then it is been actively in function to improve the better education system enhancing the quality of education and providing better facility to the students and as well as motivating the faculties to enrich their academics.

IQAC recommended the proposals which are bean successfully implemented by the management there are few suggestions which are still in pipeline or to be formulated. The IQAC meetings are conducted for sketching out the plans for quality enhancement and are communicated to staff and students.

  • There are some important achievement which is achieved by IQAC.
  • Following the curriculum of Ranchi University for implementation of semester system in undergraduate and graduate and postgraduate level.
  • Faculty development workshop and seminars to enrich the academic of teaching staff.
  • Organizing motivational and awareness program through various occasions like women’s day, voters rights, blood donation and traffic awareness and road safety by various committees.
  • Recommendation for construction of big seminar halls which is recently completed and at present we have one big hall and two seminar halls for various activities.
  • The recommendation for multi activity e shelter was also constructed on the recommendation of IIQA.
  • Making the campus Wi-Fi CCTV network and ICT class room are few to mention.
  • IQAC also monitor feedback’s from students and teachers.

In this way IQ AC functions to maintain quality e of education and also suggest for upliftment of academic quality and administration.

IQAC steering committee:-

The undersigned are member of steering committee for IQAC this steering committee is guiding for NAAC evaluation and accreditation of our college. Following are the members of the committee:-

  1. Prof. Elani Purty – (Professor Incharge)
  2. Dr. Ajay Kumar (Coordinator)
  3. Prof. Vinay J  John
  4. Prof. Asha Kerketta
  5. Dr. Balbir Kerketta
  6. Dr. P. K . Gupta
  7. Prof. A K Lal
  8. Dr. Bindu Baskey
  9. Prof. Dimple D. Minz
  10. Dr. Neeraj Ojha
  11. Prof. Sheet Nihal Topno
  12. Prof. Aditi Laya Toppo
  13. Prof. Sushma Kerketta
  14. Prof. Amit Kumar
  15. Prof. Anita Anju Xess
  16. Prof. Akay Anurag Bakhla
  17. Prof. Chitra Sharma
  18. Dr. Rajeev Asthana
  19. Prof. Binay Hansda
  20. Prof. Surendra Prajapati
  21. Prof. Ranjeet Mishra
  22. Prof. Sushil Kumar
  23. Prof. Nisha Soreng
  24. Prof. Santosh Kumar
  25. Prof. Golden Bilung

Technical support committee

Members of the committee:-

  1. Dr. Ajay Kumar ( Coordinator )
  2. Mr. Sushant Surin
  3. Prof. Sheet Nihal Topno
  4. Prof. Aditya Kumar