The campus comprises of aesthetic architecture, permanent structures confined to respective activities – the Academic buildings, Labs, Library, Auditorium, Hostels, Canteen, Playgrounds, and Pond etc.

New Building
Arts, Commerce & Intermediate Block.

Computer Lab and Internet 
To integrate Information System Technology into the present curriculum, the college has broadband Internet connectivity through Broadband Internet line connecting its students to the world and beyond. The faculty and the students are encouraged and allowed to surf the net free of cost. College lab has 90 Desktop Computers in its lab for students to avail its facility. The Internet facility available to the students, gives them unlimited free access to various academic resources available on the net.

Exquisite Quadrangle (Ampi Theatre) 
All Assembly hours and important college functions are conducted in the large quadrangle, which can accommodate over 1,500 students.

The college provides a healthy environment in the canteen and makes sure that quality food is served at reasonable price. It helps the students refresh themselves with snacks in order to keep them always alive and active.

Ample space has been provided for parking two wheelers and four wheelers with good security. Four wheelers are not allowed for students.

Besides, there is one distinguishing pond full of lotus flowers, which adds some lush to the elegance of the college. It is lined with palm trees and is locally known as “Khajur Talab”, and is also a major landmark of Ranchi.