Games Sports

Support to Sports and Games in the college : Gossner College is dedicated  to the development of sports and games and provides ample opportunity for students  participation. The supportive policies of the Institution have helped produce eminent national level players for the country in Hockey, Kho-kho and Cricket. However the institution cannot provide flexibility in examinations as we strictly follow the examination schedule of the parent university.

Some supportive policies towards sports and games include:

  • The college has a full time dedicated Physical Training Instructor.
  • The college hires separate coaches when necessary to train its football, cricket and Hockey (male + female) teams. We also use the services of Alumnus of the college.
  •  College organizes felicitation of Winning Sports teams and provides incentives in the form of sports kit and other prizes at College functions.
  • Students are encouraged to participate at University, Inter University, Zonal and National level games.
  • College provides Sports equipment and dress for players participating in University tournaments when it can afford to.

Former Indian Women’s National Hockey Team Captain Ashunta Lakra Former student of Goosner College, Ranchi with PTI Anmol Xalxo & Dr. E. M. Hansdak