Course Outcomes

Chemistry :
Future and Career prospects:

U.G.: After completion of U.G. in Chemistry as the main paper, one can opt for the higher studies in P.G. as well as in different technical coures like leather technology, polymers and paints, B. Pharma and different management courses. They can also join the jobs as Chemist, Pharmaceutical Companies and the Companies of pains, lacquers etc.

P.G.: After completion of the P.G. Course in Chemistry, one can join the research fields related to Pollutions, Drugs, Polymers, etc. They may prefer the teaching jobs also after qualifying NET, B.Ed. etc. The jobs in BARC, Trombay and DRDO may also be joined to carry out the research works in nuclear chemistry and for the development of stealth technology in fighter planes using conducting polymers. Development of medines for cancer, HIV, COVID 19 may also be developed by joing the pharmaceutical industry as Research Assocites.
Ph.D: Research Works for Ph.D degrees are also carried out on polymers. Research works on Acrylic Polymers help to absorb water and moisture helping agriculture in desert areas and in draught. Acrylic Polymers are also helping in the development of paints and coating materials. Electrically Conducting Polymers are helpful in the preparation of long lasting batteries, better quality of transistor, diode, solar panels and stealth technology of fighter planes. Both types research works are carried out in the Gossner College, Chemistry Department.


A Botanist can work as a Technical Assistant, Field Assistant, Scientific Assistant, in both private and Govt. sector, various private firms like, Nurseries and Farms. Environmental Consultancy is also a good option for a Botanist.

“Scope after UG ( B. Sc. Botany )”

After U. G (B. Sc. Botany), students can work in different places like nurseries, farms, pharmaceutical companies and medical content writing.

“Scope after P.G(M.Sc. Botany)”

After M.Sc. Botany, students can get placed in :

(a) A National Park service
(b) Department of conservation and land management.
(c) Public Health Service.
(d) Department of Agriculture.
(e) Forest Service.
(f) Molecular Biologist.
(g) Ecologist.
(h) Animal and plant health inspection service.
(i) Plant Pathologist.

Mathematics :
Future & Career prospects :

U.G. : While pursuing higher studies in Mathematics and related fields,
One can opt for Master degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Actuarial Science or Engineering .Some other related fields are Bio-technology, Chartered Accountancy, Investment Analyst etc.
The students can have a career as secondary school teacher after completing Teacher’s training course .Job prospects specific for them are also in Technology companies, Banking & Insurance sector and many government organizations like ISRO, DRDO, NAL etc. They can also apply for administrative services exams taking Mathematics as a subject . As a graduate from science stream , they are eligible for a number of job opportunity in different sectors and Industry .

P.G. : Those students who are interested in teaching and research , can opt for obtaining a Ph.D. degree in a field of their choice .With a relevant Teacher’s training degree , they can apply for P.G.T. in any plus two school .The job prospects for them are also in the field and industry of Data analysis & Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Actuarial sciences, Banking & Insurance etc. Different government and private organization also appoint master’s degree holder in Mathematics as scientist, statistician and researchers.


Scopes / Job prospects for Physics Graduate and Post Graduate students:

For Physics Graduate students:

1.  It allows the candidates for entry level jobs at Private and Government

Sectors like state or central level jobs.

2.  After doing B.Sc, Physics as major they can go for higher studies such as M.Sc, M.C.A , MBA ete from various esteem institutions such as IITs, NITs or any other reputed universities.

3. They can go for B.Tech in instrumentation from various reputed universities such as Jadavpur University.

4.  Candidates who feel creative for the subject and have deep interests for practical experiments can explore in the field of Physics.

5.  There are various roles that a Physics student can opt for job, like: Physicist, lab assistant, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Researcher, Technician, Radiologist Assistant, Academic Councilor/Advisor, Physics Training Manager, etc.

6. After doing B.Ed they can appear CTET to teach in school upto class X.

7.  They can apply for jobs in Aerospace, Defense, Automobile, IT and Software, Railways, Nuclear and Renewable energy, Oil and Gas, Electronics and Telecommunication, the Manufacturing Sectors, etc.

8. They can join Indian Army after clearing Combined Defence Service(CDS).

9.  One can find various opportunities at the government organizations like


10.  They can go for most competitive exams conducted by Union Public Service Commission such as: IFS, IAS, IPS.

Post Graduate students:

1. They can go for teaching by clearing NET (for college level teaching) or  for +2 level teaching after doing B.Ed.

2. They can go for higher studies in different foreign universities after clearing SAT, GRE etc examination.

3. They can go for research/Ph.D from different universities.

4. They can join as scientific officers in different research institution such as BARC, DRDO, TIFR etc.

5. They can go for different research institutions such as IIAP, HIMS, IISc ete after clearing JEST.

6.  Some of the main employment areas for students are: Research Institutes, Laboratories and Institutes, Educational Institutes, Agricultural Research Services, Hospitals, Power Generating Companies, Aviation Industry, Construction Firms, Demolition Squads, Pyrotechnics Manufacturers.

7. They can go for different types of central government and state government jobs by clearing SSC and other public service examination and also for Bank PO.


There are many opportunities for candidates completing their in B.Sc ,M.Sc,Ph.D in Zoology in the public and private sectors. Candidates find jobs as Animal Behaviorist, Conservationist,Forensic expert,Lab technicians, Veterinarians,Wildlife Biologist,Wildlife Educator,Zoology Faculty.

Outcome of Studying BBA

  1. Career in management field.
  2. Strong base in management studies.
  3. Getting high paying jobs in comparison to other backgrounds.
  4. Can become industry professionals.

All graduate level jobs in both the sector i.e. govt.  and private.

Career Prospects after BCA and IT

There is a wide range of options available to a student after pursuing a course in Bachelors in Computer Science or Information Technology.

The IT industry is growingly rapidly and with this, the demand for BCA/IT graduates too is increasing every passing day. BCA/IT graduates have good job prospects both in the government and private sector companies.

1. Private Companies

After successfully passing their BCA/IT course, students can easily find lucrative job opportunities in leading IT companies like Oracle, IBM, Infosys, Google, TCS, Tech Mahindra, HCL, MicroSoft and Wipro. Some of the roles that one can bag after completing a BCA/IT programme is that of a System engineer, software tester, junior programmer, web developer, system administrator, software developer etc.

2. Government Sector

BCA/IT graduates also have good employability opportunities in public sector organizations. Government organizations like the Indian Air Force(IAF), Indian Army, India Navy, ONGC, IOC, HPCL, BPCL, BSNL etc hire a large bunch of computer professionals for their IT department.

3. Some popular job profiles for a BCA/IT graduate are: –

A. System engineer – A system engineer develops, tests and evaluates software, circuits, and personal computer.

B. Programmer in various software development firms – The duty of programmer is to write code for software. A programmer is primarily working in the computer language such as Assembly, COBOL, C, C++, C#, Java, Lisp, Python, etc.

C. Web developer – A web developer is a programmer who specializes in the development of world wide web applications. The role of a web developer is to build and maintain websites. A web developer must have skills in HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript , etc.They find good career opportunities in various web designing companies and online digital marketing companies.

D. Software developer – The sole responsibility of software developer is to develop software that eases the tasks of the people and enable to perform work efficiently. A software developer also installs test and maintains the software.

4. Higher Studies

After successful completion of their studies, BCA/IT graduates can opt for higher studies. Some of the higher studies courses they can pursue are as follows:


As far as higher studies after BCA/IT are concerned the next stop for students after successfully completing their BCA/IT is to go for MCA, it’s a postgraduate level course in computer application.


Another popular course option for higher studies after BCA/IT is to opt for an MBA course to earn a management degree.

C. CCNP or CCNA Certifications

A Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is an IT Professional who has achieved a professional level of Cisco career certification, that is a type of professional certification created by Cisco Systems. It is for best for Network Operations Specialist, Network administrators & engineers. There are six areas of the professional Certifications namely, CCNP Cloud, CCNP Collaboration, CCNP Data Centre, CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNP Security, CCNP Service Provider, CCNP Wireless.

 5. BCA/IT Specialization options

Bachelors in computer science/Information Technology is a vast field and offers a multitude of specializations for students. Some of the popular specializations resulting from a BCA/IT course are:

• Computer Graphics

• Internet Technologies

• Accounting Applications

• Animation

• Music and Video Processing

• Personal Information Management

• Programming Languages

• Database Management

• Systems Analysis

• Word Processing

These are just some of the specialization popular among students. However, with the rapidly expanding domains of this field, a lot of new specializations are also opening up.

General Understanding of Biotechnology, its uses and future prospects

Biotechnology is defined as any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms or derivatives to make modified products or processes in particular use.

It has uses and application in various fields such as agriculture and industries (food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textiles, medicine, nutrition, environment, animal sciences etc.) makes it one of the fastest sectors of growth.

Biotechnology utilizes cellular and bio molecular processes to create technologies & products that help improve our lives and the nature.

It is used to make life in raw, new products and has the latest technology and applied science.

Outcomes of the commerce course

All competitive examinations like –

(A) Banking and financial sectors

(B) Staff Selection Commission

(C)  Railway

(D) All Public Service Commission exam like -JPSC, UPSC and other state Service Commission

(E) Professional courses like – C.A., CMA, CS, Income tax practitioner,CFA,

(F) Law Sectors

(G) Management sector

(H) Teaching Sector

(I) Investment banking

(J) Certified public accountant (K) Professional financial advisor

(L) Stock broker

(M)Business consultant (N) Self employment




  1. Students enrolling for English Honours and PG courses in Gossner College, Ranchi gain awareness about Indian Literary tradition as well as Western Literary tradition through study of Indian Poetics and Western Poetics supplemented with study of texts from both.
  2. Students read a wide variety of world literature texts in English to broaden their horizon and outlook. They are introduced to a cross sections of writers from all parts of the world.
  3. Syllabus and examinations are designed to help develop research and writing skills in students. Interactive sessions help students with their oratory skills in English.
  4. Students develop an understanding of various genres, trends and critical theories in English Literature from across the world. This includes understanding the social, political, economic, historical and cultural influences that shaped them.
  5. Syllabus is also designed to acquaint students with in-depth understanding of English language – its history, development and standardization. Students are equipped with a broad understanding and practical knowledge of Linguistics, especially Phonetics.

Outcome of Studying Geography

  1. Academics (Teacher/ Lecturer/ Professor)
  2. Cartographers
  3. Environmental Consultant
  4. Urban Planner
  5. Tourism Officer
  6. Research in Organizations
  7. GIS & remote sensing specialist
  8. Demographers
  9. Hydrologist
  10. Civil Service


Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and the reasons for people’s behavior.

It’s not about reading minds but a discipline that includes the study of human behavior. It provides a set of tools and theories for understanding how humans think and learn.

By studying psychology one could go into teaching, counseling, writing (of course!), human resources, research, and so on.

Psychology provides the tools to become a behavioral trainer, which can prove useful for pets, children, and even significant others.

Career Opportunities in Psychology

1. Career Counselor:

Job of a career counselor is to access a school or college student, or a professional willing to change his or her job objective; analyse his/her interests, skill set, aptitude, etc., and suggest him/her the best suitable career choices. They also help people to deal with job related stress and deal with various phases in the working life of a person.

2. Clinical Psychologist:

Clinical psychologists deal with mental and emotional disorders. They assess and treat people with psychological problems. As a clinical psychologist, one can work independently or join a clinic, health center or hospital.

3. Counseling Psychologist:

A counseling psychologist helps people on how to deal with problems of everyday living – personal, social, educational, or vocational. His job is to help clients gain self-awareness and create a better environment both emotionally and physically.

4. Forensic Psychologist:

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and the reasons for people’s behavior.

It’s not about reading minds but a discipline that includes the study of human behavior. It provides a set of tools and theories for understanding how humans think and learn.

By studying psychology one could go into teaching, counseling, writing (of course!), human resources, research, and so on.

Psychology provides the tools to become a behavioral trainer, which can prove useful for pets, children, and even significant others.

Job Option for Political Science

  1. Policy Analyst: Policy analyst rely on strong  critical thinking, writing and research as they formulate statements about the nature and impact of proposals for public policy.
  2. Legislative Assistant: Senators, Assembly members, representatives and other elected official at all levels of government hire assistant to help them to carry out these duties.
  3. Public Relations Specialist: Public relations specialists often organize and publicize press conferences and other events in order to attract media attention and get the best out of it.
  4. Political Consultant: Political consultants use the knowledge of the political process gained by political science to devise strategies for candidate to influence voters and gain support in their campaigns for office.

We use PHILOSOPHY in day-to-day life. The subject PHILOSOPHY is very much useful in shaping one’s career. It can be used in following ways :

  1. Philosophy can be opted as an optional subject in PCS exams.
  2. It may be opted as an optional subject in UPSC examinations also.
  3. This subject can also be opted as a Hons subject in Graduation, as it very much scoring subject.
  4. Studying Philosophy helps in strengthening one’s reasonings which is helpful in various exams as Banking, Railway, SSC etc.
  5. As it is scoring subject, many more aspirants of PCS and IAS choose it as main subject.
  6. One can do PG in Philosophy and become an Assistant Professor in any recognized University.


  • इतिहास मानव सभ्यता के अतीत  एवं क्रमिक विकास को समझने एवं समझाने का एक सशक्त माध्यम है। इस निमित स्नातक एवं स्नातकोत्तर के छात्र-छात्रों  को प्रथम सेमेस्टर के पाठ्यक्रम से ही तैयारी का सुअवसर प्रदान करता है कि वे मानव सभ्यता के  विविन्न पहलुओं एवं आयाम यथा आर्थिक-सामाजिक, राजनीतिक, सांस्कृतिक परिवर्तनों को समझ सकें।
  • इस निमित छात्रों को शोध के लिए अच्छा अवसर प्रदान करता है। उन्हें विभाग की ओर से प्रोत्साहित करना एवं मार्गदर्शन करना इतिहास का उदेश्य रहा है की छात्र समाज के दलित, पिछड़े वर्गों के हितों की रक्षा कर सके इतिहास के पन्नों से ओझल जनजतियों के इतिहास को उजागर कर सके।
  • इतिहास विभिन्न सभ्यताओं के इतिहास के साथ-साथ राष्ट्रीय आंदोलन में भाग लेने वाले शहीद एवं उनके बलिदान को समझने  का अवसर प्रदान करता है जिससे कि छात्रों में राष्ट्रीयता कि भावना का संचार हो एवं देश और समाज के अच्छे नागरिक बन सकें। इस उदेश्य से राष्ट्रीय इतिहास एवं क्षेत्रीय इतिहास एक दूसरे के पूरक के रूप में कम करती है।
  • प्राचीन एतिहासिक महत्व के स्मारक एवं स्थलों को संरक्षित करने में एतिहासिक अध्ययन महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका अदा करता है कि छात्र अपने क्षेत्र एवं समाज को बेहतर समझ सकें और उनके विकास का रोड-मैप  तैयार कर सकें। इस निमित एतिहासिक स्थलों का भ्रमण का अवसर प्रदान करता है।
  • तात्कालिक लाभ – विभिन्न प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्नों में इतिहास विषय के करीब 20 से 25 फीसदी प्रश्न इतिहास विषय से संबन्धित होते हैं जो छात्रों को अच्छे अंक लाने के साथ-साथ सफलता के अवसर को और भी सुगम और सुनिश्चित बना देती हैं।

हिन्दी पढ़ने के लाभ

स्वतंत्र भारत के राजभाषा समिति ने जब से हिन्दी को भारत संघ की राजभाषा  के रूप में स्वीकार की  गई है।  तब से हिन्दी का क्षेत्र दिनों-दिनों दिन बढ़ते गया है। यथा-

  • हिन्दी लेखक (कवि, कहानीकार , उपन्यास आदि)
  • रचनात्मक लेखन (फील्म, संवाद लेखन)
  • अनुवादक
  • पत्रकार (रेडियो, टी०भी०, अखबार)
  • हिन्दी टंकक
  • बैंक में राजभाषा अधिकारी
  • केंद्र सरकार के मंत्रालयों (रेल,विदेश) में हिन्दी अधिकारी
  • समाचार वाचक (हिन्दी)-न्यूज रीडर।
  •  हिन्दी उद्घोषक
  • हिन्दी शिक्षक
  • हिन्दी प्राध्यापक
  • कुशल वक्ता
  • भारतीय ज्ञान विज्ञान को समझने में सहायक।
  • संपादक (हिन्दी पत्र-पत्रिकाएँ)

Scope of Geology
Geology is the branch of science dealing with earth and related subjects.The geological science and its branches deal with the study of the earth. Geology are interrelated with Physics,chemistry, biology and other branches of engineering,civil mining, and petroleum engineering.
All geological studies seek to determine an order of events and the main objective of science is to work out the full history of the earth and its animal and plant inhabitants.The integrating nature of the subject requires that geological sciences be versatile in their approach to problems. The geological sciences serve man in a variety of ways,one of strong motivating forces is man’s curiosity about nature.
The scope of geology is unlimited because it not only helps in understanding all natural processes,natural hazards and environmental changes .It also helps in formulating strategies, mitigation and adaptation plans, which   can minimizes the impacts of environmental hazards . 

मानव शास्त्र

  1. नेट/जे०आर०एफ०/पी०एच०डी० के बाद असिस्टेंट प्रोफेसर बन सकते हैं।
  2. सिविल सेवा परीक्षा में (यू०पी०एस०सी०) मार्क्स स्कोरिंग हेतु फायदेमंद है।
  3. एम०ए० करने के बाद Anthropological Survey of India में सेवा देने का अवसर प्राप्त होता है। Anthropological Survey of India भारत की संस्कृति मंत्रालय के अंतर्गत कार्य करने वाला एक अग्रणी संस्थान है जो भौतिक मानव विज्ञान तथा सांस्कृतिक मानव विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में कार्यरत है।
  4. पुरातत्व विभाग में रोजगार के अवसर प्राप्त होता है।
  5. सरकारी/गैर-सरकारी संस्थानों में रोजगार के अवसर हेतु फायदेमंद है।
  6. Human and Health Service organization Information Technology में रोजगार के अवसर हेतु फायदेमंद है।

जन जातीय एवं क्षेत्रीय भाषाओं में रोजगार के अवसर

संथाली – संघ स्तर पर

  1. संघ लोक सेवा आयोग द्वारा संचलित परीक्षा।
  2. यू०पी०एस०सी० द्वारा संचालित नेट/जे०आर०एफ० की परीक्षा।
  3. लोकसेवा एवं राज्यसभा में अनुवादक
  4. केंद्रीय अपराध अनुसंधान विभाग में अनुवादक (सी०बी०आई०)
  5. भारतीय रेल सेवा में अनुवादक।
  6. राष्ट्रीय भाषा शोध संस्थान मैसूर में सेवा।
  7. दूरदर्शन एवं आकाशवाणी में उद्घोषक।
  8. केंद्रीय विश्वविद्यालय में प्रोफेसर के पद।

राज्य-स्तर पर

  1. जे०पी०एस०सी० संचालित सेवा में।
  2. झारखंड एस०एस०सी० सेवा में।
  3. राजपत्रित एवं अराजपतरित कर्मचारियों की विभागीय परीक्षा।
  4. प्राइमरी, मिडिल,हाईस्कूल+२ शिक्षक सेवा।
  5. पुलिस सेवा (आरक्षी सेवा)

कुड़ुख एवं मुंडारी – 

  1. जे०पी०एस०सी० संचालित सेवा में।
  2. झारखंड एस०एस०सी० सेवा में।
  3. राजपत्रित एवं अराजपतरित कर्मचारियों की विभागीय परीक्षा।
  4. प्राइमरी, मिडिल,हाईस्कूल+२ शिक्षक सेवा।
  5. पुलिस सेवा (आरक्षी सेवा)

नागपुरी – 

  1. जे०पी०एस०सी० संचालित सेवा में।
  2. झारखंड एस०एस०सी० सेवा में।
  3. राजपत्रित एवं अराजपतरित कर्मचारियों की विभागीय परीक्षा।
  4. प्राइमरी, मिडिल,हाईस्कूल+२ शिक्षक सेवा।
  5. पुलिस सेवा (आरक्षी सेवा)