The NCC coy of Gossner College, Ranchi established in 2003 is attached with 19th Jharkhand Battalion NCC, Ranchi.

The total strength of NCC coy is 160 cadets. The students (both boys and girls) can join NCC. NCC comprises of three-year term. 40 Classes are held in a year, which are taken by both ANO and PI (Parade Instructor) staff of Army.

There are various type of camps held round the year such as, Annual Training Camp, Combined Annual Training Camp, Tracking Camp, National Integration Camp, Thal Sena Camp etc.

The ANO Associate NCC officer is Lieutenant Ajay Kumar Kachhap.



1.Present member of N.S.S. – 83 (Eighty Three)

2.Program officers,
a) Anil B. Kullu, Program officer (Boys) Deptt. of Hindi
b) Anju Xess, Program officer (Girls) Deptt. of History

3.Important activities of N.S.S.
a) Special Camps.
b) Blood donation Camps.
c) Youth programs / Exhibitions / Adventures
d) Social awareness programs
e) Village awareness Concerning Health, Education, AIDS, Cleanliness, etc.
f) Seminar and discussion on various Social and Developmental subjects.

National Social Scheme, Gossner College, Ranchi; is one of the departments where a student learns to be more social and makes himself aware of the situation in which he lives. Apart from Academic excellence, we teach the students to be more humble and social with the people of their surroundings. Activities such as: Village Tour, Tree transplantation, Poster awareness, AIDS awareness program, Awareness & cleanliness program and Seminar on globalization are carried out from time to time.

Activities conducted by N.S.S.: –

A. Village Tour To Ghagari ‘Murhu’:

60 boys and girls dashed to the village. We carried along with us a message and awareness program concerning cleanliness, namely to be more aware of their health, eating and drinking. We mobilized people of Ghagari to become aware of malaria, AIDS, drinking boiled water and being aware of other diseases. We visited each house and met with them. We repaired a village road with the help of the people.

B. Tree Transplantation in the College Campus:

50 students (Boys & Girls) took part in this program. The Principal inaugurated the program by planting a “Sagwan” Tree. We organized a one-day seminar on pollution and plantation of trees, its merits and demerits. Students gave speeches and enacted two, “one act plays”. The trees planted are growing and becoming more “Green” in the Compound.

C. Awareness program through poster: 

50 students took part in this program. We wrote some moral sentences on a poster and tried to convey to the people to become more aware concerning health, character and cleanliness.

D. AIDS awareness program: 

60 students took part in this program. We conducted speech competitions, one act play, Quiz-competition and poster awareness.
We took part in Inter College, health Quiz Competition and stood 1st.

E. Awareness and clealines program in Basertoli (Ranchi):

80 students of N.S.S. went to Basertoli to mobilize people concerning health and cleanliness. We carried along phyenol oil and sprinkled all over the dirty places. We taught them to drink boiled water and if they fell sick, to visit the nearest doctor. We distributed medicine to the poor and needy.
Apart from these activities we arrange monthly meeting and evaluate our activities. In the meeting we decide and plan future activities.



Our unit is open unit, students from any college under Ranchi University both boys and girls can join. Our cadet\’s strength is 200, Boys-150 and Girls-50. We do the enrolment program generally in the month of July every year.The incharge is Flying Officer S.K. Murmu, Deptt. of Anthropology.

Functions and trainings:-
Basically AirWing NCC course is for three years. Classes run as: –
1. Aero modeling
2. Meteorology
3. Weapon Try
4. Air-Craft Recognition
5. Aero-Engine
6. Navigation
7. Air- Men ship
8. Ecology
9. Social Services
10. Instruments Studies
11. Flying Training

Almost in the mid of the second year, cadets get chance for Flying in Micro light Aircraft as Air experience. In the third year cadets who get selected, get proper training for flying competition for Vayu Sainik Camp. In between the three years training cadets have to appear for two exams as Certificate-\”B\” and Certificate- \”C\”. By this time in the academic side they pass graduation level of studies. After this cadets can go for Special Entry Scheme in the Defense Services in IAF, Navy and Army and they can start their career as an officer in Armed Forces. Specially by getting \”C\” certificate in Airwing NCC cadets can start their career as Pilot in IAF Fighter Pilot, Transport Pilot and Helicopter Pilot but it all possible only after passing the SSB interview.

Events & Camps in state and national level the cadets have to attend in the 3 years duration,
Event-Drill Competition,
Cross-country race,
Aero modeling,
Parasailing Gliding,
Adventure course,
Aircraft Flying.
Group level camp- ATC camp,
CATC camp,
Pre-VSC I,
National level- All India vayu sainik camp (AIVSC),
National Integration camp (NIC),
Republic-day camp.

The aim of these camps is to develop leadership, confidence, discipline and character among the cadets, and to make them good citizens, so that they can serve the nation through civil life and through defense services.

Till now Airwing NCC has prepared many cadets for defense services, various armed forces, CPO (Central Police organization) as well as businessman, cadets achieved career in civil side also.
Within three years cadets gone for various services about as,
1. Army Education Corps-01 Cadet
2. Army-03 Cadets
3. Indian Navy (AS an officer)-01 Cadet
4. IAF-04 cadets
5. JH Police (Girls Cadets)-04 Cadets
6. Indian Air Lines (Previous)-01 Cadet
7. BSF-02 Cadets

Airwing NCC has a very high image among the youth of the nation. It is a career building organization. Training makes cadets complete man. It changes the nature and character of the cadets and makes them perfect and complete. Unity and discipline is the motto of this wing. It is sure that if the youth of universities and colleges join this wing they will certainly gain much for their career.