Code of Conduct

Code of conduct and ethics for the student to be followed

  • Equality and Oneness

Institution is open for all individuals coming from different section of society, since it is a minority institution preference is given to  minority committee of our society. Institution in teaching and administration is concern unite all  coming from different gender culture society and economic class and treat them with the principle of  equality and oneness.

  • Coordination and supportive

Education is two way communication between teacher and student with proper coordination with each other will helps to achieve the objective of teaching.

  • Discipline the way of life.

Discipline in day to day work helps to organize our self in a better way. Discipline and punctuality of time helps to reduce failure and development of depression. Practice of discipline helps to be respectful and have a  supportive condition to make creativeness and makings education in practice.

  • Positive attitude

Attitude builds your character and vision of life. It is  related with capacity of  tolerance which affect your behavior. Constructive or positive attitude will give you peace of mind and makes individual more success in life.

Code of conduct for  students

  • Institution discipline is intended to create and healthy environment which helps the student for self development. Student and parents expected to  comply with the regulation.
  • Irregular attendance disobedience or conduct injurious to the tone of the institution is considered to be  indiscipline and answerable to the institution
  • All students are  expected to come in uniform with identity card during the classes or even entering to college for office work
  • Co Curricular activities are of great importance interpersonal relations skills, confidence and reliability are some of the qualities develop through co curricular activities it is expected that student should take active part in this.
  • The library is one of our most valued resource in the education, Maintain and follow the rules and regulation of the library.
  • Look after institutions property as you own for it also belongs to you. Help to keep it clean and avoid making or writing on walls and furniture’s, Any loss or damage caused to the institution’s property shall have to be made good by the student responsible for it along with fine.
  • Using of Alcohol and Chewing Tobacco is strictly Prohibited in the campus.
  • Student should remember in life that “Help me to learn, to think and to judge for myself not just memorize readymade answers”.